Category: New Machinery   - Tube, Pipe Bending

Hydraulic Ram Benders

The BT-1000 Hydraulic Benders for: pipe, round and square tubing, flat and round solid bar, rigid conduit, handrail, bus bar and channel. Hundreds of uses for both production and prototype work. Used for fabricating, manufacturing and maintenance. Build your own tooling with the Bentec BT-1000.

Highlighted Features/Notes

  • Ideal for straightening shafts, bars, etc.
  • Multiple hole locations for alloy steel pins provide numerous attachments points for leverage on hundreds of different bending applications
  • Six tapped holes on both sides of the work table allow for extension tables, stops, etc.
  • Limit switches insure accuracy and repeatability
  • Three models to select from
  • Can be adapted to other tooling systems

Hydraulic Rotary Draw Benders

The BT-220 is CNC programmable at an affordable price. For both mandrel and non-mandrel bending of round and square tubing, pipe, solid bar, handrail, bus bar, channel and extrusions. Hundreds of uses for fabricating, manufacturing and maintenance.

Highlighted Features/Notes

  • Store up to 400 part programs with up to 8 bends per part
  • Includes a parts counter
  • Clamps the part securely to the rotating die and prevents tube slippage during the bending process
  • A quick acting toggle lever advances the pressure die holder
  • Heavy duty arm construction
  • Optional hydraulic pressure die advance is also available