Category: New Machinery   - Beam Coping

FRC CNC Thermal Coping Machine

Straight, mitred and shaped cuts on profile edges or on web and flanges are needed to form the main part geometry. The layout marks will be technically done with secondary part information aside to speed up the assembly phase and avoide human errors in fitting. All of these processes can be covered with the new Ficep FRC coping robot. The coping robot allows the torch to move and orientate around the piece with automatic tool changer for the plasma and oxy torches that are always onboard for a very fast change when needed. The robot is controlled by dedicated software which optimizes the movement and gives simple and essential sequences. For more info please contact us.

Highlighted Features/Notes

  • Option: Plasma cutting system with Hypertherm power source and automatic torch changer
  • Option: Smoke intake system which is essential with the plasma torch cutting
  • Option: Infeed and outfeed rollerways for 16 mt or 20 mt long profiles
  • Option: Infeed and outfeed transfer tables with catches or carts
  • Option: Equipment for the processing of round pipes