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Pipe Coaster - HID Series

An ideal pipe cutting system to fulfill a architectural dream. Through decades of R&D, accumulated experiences and thanks to rapid development of CAD/CAM/CAE. We have integrated all these advantages into our new series of Pipe Cutting System which could cope with nearly all the very complicated designs and were keeping consistent research and development to update the system. 7-Axis Pipe Coaster achieves increased productivity and precision. Maruhide includes models that can handle up to 54 inch pipe diameter and pipe thickness of 2 inch. This system can be easily operated by simple inputting operational parameters, such as diameter of branch pipe, wall thickness of branch pipe, diameter of main pipe, intersection angle of two pipes, bevel angle through the touch panel. The system calculates automatically complicated contour curves. The cutting speed can be kept automatically constant even complicated contour curves according to input data of pipe diameter, wall thickness, intersection angle and bevel angle. Automatic continuous cutting is possible by inputting various cutting shapes into the memory function. Pre-heat timer also can be inputted in the parameter of this function.

Highlighted Features/Notes

  • Standard feature: 15 inch colored touch screen
  • Standard feature: remote control switching panel
  • Optional feature: plasma cutting machine
  • Optional feature: nesting software
  • The accurate constant bevel angle preparation can be obtained by inputting the torch angle on the branch pipe cutting
  • The processing chart of cutting shape could be displayed in accordance with the input data. This function allows the user to verify the actual bevel angle and shape being cut at a glance