Category: New Machinery   - Tube, Pipe Cutting

Fiber Laser Tube - LTFIBER

LT FIBER is the new system of the Lasertube family specifically designed and developed for cutting tubes of any section, with the fiber laser source. The new technology of the fiber laser offers significant advantages in terms of a wider range of materials that can be processed - among them also high-reflective materials such as copper and brass; aluminium (6060, 1050, ...) and galvanized iron become also easy to cut. A considerable productivity increase is obtained on small thicknesses of stainless steel.

Highlighted Features/Notes

  • Reduced electric energy consumption and installed power
  • Higher beam quality guarantees a much faster cutting speed to laser power ratio
  • Processing of highly-reflective materials
  • Great reliability and reduced maintenance costs

Fiber Laser Tube - CYT5, CYT9

CYLASER has been pioneering the application of solid-state fiber optic laser technology for industrial cutting applications since 2004. Today, hundreds of installations later, our original vision of a robust, precise, efficient, and highly productive laser cutting system is meeting the test of real-world production around the world.

Highlighted Features/Notes

  • Cutting head
  • Tube size control
  • Piece unloading management
  • Automatic spindle opening adjustment
  • Magnetic collision prevention system

Pipe Coaster - HID Series

An ideal pipe cutting system to fulfill a architectural dream. Through decades of R&D, accumulated experiences and thanks to rapid development of CAD/CAM/CAE. We have integrated all these advantages into our new series of Pipe Cutting System which could cope with nearly all the very complicated designs and were keeping consistent research and development to update the system. 7-Axis Pipe Coaster achieves increased productivity and precision. Maruhide includes models that can handle up to 54 inch pipe diameter and pipe thickness of 2 inch. This system can be easily operated by simple inputting operational parameters, such as diameter of branch pipe, wall thickness of branch pipe, diameter of main pipe, intersection angle of two pipes, bevel angle through the touch panel. The system calculates automatically complicated contour curves. The cutting speed can be kept automatically constant even complicated contour curves according to input data of pipe diameter, wall thickness, intersection angle and bevel angle. Automatic continuous cutting is possible by inputting various cutting shapes into the memory function. Pre-heat timer also can be inputted in the parameter of this function.

Highlighted Features/Notes

  • Standard feature: 15 inch colored touch screen
  • Standard feature: remote control switching panel
  • Optional feature: plasma cutting machine
  • Optional feature: nesting software
  • The accurate constant bevel angle preparation can be obtained by inputting the torch angle on the branch pipe cutting
  • The processing chart of cutting shape could be displayed in accordance with the input data. This function allows the user to verify the actual bevel angle and shape being cut at a glance

Laser Pipe Cutting - LT8

The LT8 is a 3D laser pipe cutting machine that excels for the highest flexibility and user-friendliness, as well as for top quality and extremely precise laser cutting, on a tube diameter range from 12 to 220 mm and a bar weight up to 35 Kg/m. Due to an efficient automatic loading system combined to a unique and ingenious unload, the productivity of the LT8 has no comparisons. The machine is able to propose and select the best suited choice for every production step. Expert operators can anyway check every parameter.

Highlighted Features/Notes

  • Cuts up to 8 foot x 8 foot tubing
  • Processes angle iron, flat bar and channel
  • Equipped with tilting head
  • The exclusive Artube CAD-CAM is available also on the LT8
  • Second option doubles the already considerable quantity of material ready to be cut
  • Available with an automatic bundle (Capacity 5.000kg) or step loader and an automatic single bar loader or with two automatic loaders

CNC Plasma Pipe Cutting

The Pro Cutter (PC 600) is a pipe profiling machine to cut pipe-to-pipe connections and pipe-to-plate connections with constant welding openings (bevels) over the entire pipe length. The PC 600 is suitable for a pipe range starting from 50 up to 610 mm. This product was introduced beginning of 2008 and is a highly standardized machine against an affordable price. Making it possible for every steel shop to have a professional and efficient machine for pipe profiling.

Highlighted Features/Notes

  • The PC 600 machine plasma pipe cutter is composed of heavy duty components engineered for lasting performance. Latest technology is applied in components such as Hi Definition plasma cutting and material deformation detection but also in process optimization such as handling systems and in line marking systems.

Laser Tube Cutting - LT722D

The LT722D laser tube cutting system provides 20% higher production rate than normally experienced in the field combined with a unique level of flexibility and automatic adjustments. This feature makes it suitable for both small batches or large runs.

Highlighted Features/Notes

  • Fully CNC programmable adjustments
  • Changeovers in less than 3 minutes
  • Fully automatic bar handling from bundle including measuring, feeding, cutting and unloading
  • Minimum bar waste