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Motorum Series CNC Turret Punch Press

Improve reliability and processing time with the Motorum 2558. By integrating bending, forming, tapping and other processes, this machine enables you to maximize productivity while minimizing setup and programming time. Environmentally friendly eco-machine uses energy only at time of punching and faster punch rate to 400hpm.

Highlighted Features/Notes

  • Capacity from 22 tons to 33 tons
  • Max sheet thickness: 0.25"
  • Available table sizes: 4x8 feet, 5x8 feet worksheets
  • Multiple models available

Magnum Series CNC Turret Punch Press

The Magnum 5000 is a heavy-duty mechanical CNC turret punch press with 45 tons of punching force. High rigidity and precision of the machine are fully complemented by the proven Wiedemann-style tooling, three-box construction frame, separated table and frame design for heavy-duty punching.

Highlighted Features/Notes

  • Process up to 3/8" thick, 5x8 feet worksheets
  • Positive strip RAM design
  • Low noise clutch brake
  • Model 5000 Plasma also available