Category: New Machinery   - Polishing, Grinding

Surface Grinding

Autopulit surface grinding comes in multple models to choose from. Surface grinding machine model E4 optimized for grinding, satin finishing, deburring and polishing of a great variety of parts; using a through feed finishing process with multiple grinding/polishing operations. Applications: Metal plates, profiles, square or rectangular section tubes, tools, iron bases, door plates, locks, knives, laminated, calibrated, etc.

Highlighted Features/Notes

  • Motorized height adjustable working
  • Up to 250mm working width and 12kW motor
  • Model E4 machine is available with 1 to 8 working heads
  • Multiple models to choose from

Flat and Coil Polishing

Autopulit offers two alternatives for bright finishing and/or satin finishing of metal sheets, profiles or flat parts. We manufacture a machine with a moving table or with a moving head. The moving table on machine Model PHA has reciprocating movement with adjustable speed. In the Model CDA, the table is fixed and the working heads move under the rails with adjustable speed. Applications: Metal sheet, profiles, flat stainless steel parts, aluminum, brass, etc.

Highlighted Features/Notes

  • Model CDA: The piece holding tables have capacities from 300 mm x 500mm to 1550mm x 7000mm
  • Coil polishing machine; 1600 mm working width, with 6 polishing heads in line, with degreasing and drying unit
  • Optional: Automatic loading and unloading of the metal sheets and vacuum installation for holding of the part

Centerless Grinding and Polishing

Machines for grinding and/or polishing of round tubes or bars, rotating in contact with the brush or abrasive belt and with continuous forward motion, adjustable by means of a motorized carrier wheel. A welded frame constitutes the base of the machine on which the head, the unit responsible for the work movement and support slide. Applications: Round tubes and bars, pistons, shock absorbers, spindles, ball screws, pens, rollers, cylinders, etc.

Highlighted Features/Notes

  • From 3 to 8 working heads for parts from 6mm to 125mm diameter
  • Model CT(P) for heavy parts and diameter up to 250mm
  • The machine is available for dry or wet execution
  • Working heads can achieve great variety of finishes using an abrasive belt back stand, sisal or cotton brushes, flap-wheels, etc.

CNC Grinding and Polishing

The Autopulit CNC polishing machines are highly versatile. Their capacity, flexibility and technology make it possible to finish, brush and polish a wide variety of pieces that previously required special solutions. Applications: Water fittings, door furniture, silver, cookware, lamps, craft work, aluminum and zamak castings, motorcycle and automobile parts, etc. For complex varied parts requiring a high quality finish.

Highlighted Features/Notes

  • The piece holding table may have one, two or four work piece spindles with several heads in line for medium or big sized parts
  • A rotary table for Transfer CNC machines, with a capacity of 4 to 8 work piece spindles for small and medium sized parts

Robotic Cell Polishing

High-tech robotic cells for deburring, abrasive belt grinding and polishing complex parts of small and medium size. Thanks to the high versatility, it can also be applied to a small series of parts, allowing several hours of unattended operation, depending on the capacity of the magazine provided. Applications: Water fittings and door handles, surgical implants, automobile and motorcycle parts, injected and gravity cast iron parts, etc.

Highlighted Features/Notes

  • The robot has 6 axes with load capacity of 14, 24, 60 and 120kg
  • Work with abrasive belts up to 5000mm long for longer run-times
  • Additional Options: Loading and unloading magazine of parts
  • Additional Options: Manipulators to feed the robot

Rotary Transfer Machines

Rotary Transfer compact and independent head machines from Autopulit. These machines are used for grinding, polishing, deburring and micro-finishing a great variety of parts. Applications: Door furniture (handles, plates, etc.), water fittings, lamps, deburring, gears, wheels, aluminum and stainless steel cookware, automobile parts, pens, containers, cosmetic, caps, etc.

Highlighted Features/Notes

  • Multiple spindle rotary machine for polishing cosmetic cases
  • Rotary machine with 24 work piece spindles and 4 working heads for polishing ball pens with wet execution
  • CNC type rotary transfer machine with 3 working heads, 5 controllable axes for polishing and bright finishing of watchcases

Special Purpose and Other Machines

Autopulit design special equipment for a great variety of specific applications, not covered with the standard machines, due to the difficulty automating the process, or the particularities in the process required.

Highlighted Features/Notes

  • See PDF for details