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CNC Plate Punch Duplicator

Hydraulic punching machine of the C-frame type, with a 500-800 mm throat depth, fitted with a tool having three (P 51) or four (P 81) selectable punches. Each punch has a punching force of kN 800 (P 51) or kN 1100 (P81) throughout its entire stroke. One-piece steel frame containing the electric system, the hydraulic system and the CNC. The punching unit is supplied ready to work and does not require installation.

Highlighted Features/Notes

  • Drill power: 5.5KW
  • Number of tools: 3-4
  • Maximum drill thickness: 40mm
  • Maximum hole size: 46mm
  • Maximum punch thickness: 25mm

CNC Plate Drill Duplicator

CNC plate drilling line P 112 D is a drilling machine specifically designed for automatic drilling of plates to a considerable thickness of 80mm. Traditional systems such as drilling machines, portable manual magnetic drilling machines, etc. have overcome by this high speed drilling machine which not only carries out the drilling operation, but can also mark, thread and scribe the plates to mark possible welding layout positions (scribing).

Highlighted Features/Notes

  • Drill power: 19kW
  • Maximum drill thickness: 80mm
  • Number of tools with ATC: 8
  • Maximum hole size: 40mm (50)