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Water-Kut Series Waterjet

Water-kut X2 is the entry level model with basic features included. The X2 is cost effective solution suitable for moderate applications with an available work envelope of 5x10 foot and 55000 psi cutting pressure. Water-kut X3 model is the mid level production machine. Its specifically designed with an open layout for easy load/unload for fabrication shops. The envelope sizes range from 4x5 feet and 6x36 feet. And cutting pressure from 55000 psi to 90000 psi. Water-kut X4 is the premium model for higher demands in production. The X4 is offered in sizes from 4x5 feet to 12x40 feet and is usually equipped with Taper Control System and 90000 psi intensifier pump to produce the highest accuracy in the fastest time.

Highlighted Features/Notes

  • Software and control: Metamotion software is included for both programming and nesting software on every machine
  • KMT intensifier pump: Baxter Springs is the world leader in high pressure waterjet pumps
  • TCS: Taper Control System allows the operator to achieve the highest accuracy by agling the inherent waterjet taper away from the part edge
  • GRS: Garnet Removel System continuously removes the used spent abrasive from the main catcher tank without downtime
  • CLS: Closed Loop System containes system discharge water and completely cleans, filters and recycles all the water associated with both cooling and cutting