Category: New Machinery   - Laser Automation

Auto-Flex MSCV Automation For Lasers

The Auto-Flex MSCV is versatile and expandable. Mitsubishi offers several high-production options that can transform and expand for maximum versatility and throughput. With intelligent Vacuum Load System with thickness detection and multiple sheet separator features.

Highlighted Features/Notes

  • Up to 2200 lbs capacity per pallet
  • Changes pallets in as little as 25 seconds
  • Optional integrated work-lifter system
  • Completely modular and expandable
  • Vacuum load system with thickness detection and sheet separator features
  • 5x10 machine can load/unload sheet sizes of 4x4, 4x8, 4x10 and 5x10

FSC Automation For Lasers

The Flexible Sheet Change series provides flexible expandable automation into a compact footprint. This space-saving design comes in a number of configurations, making automation possible, even in facilities limited on space. Plus, todays software capabilities and cycle times make even short-run job shop environments good candidates for automation.

Highlighted Features/Notes

  • Completely modular and expandable
  • Full load/unload cycle in approx. 75 seconds
  • Heavy-duty up to one inch full size sheet load/unload capacity
  • Multiple combinations of material pallets and product pallets
  • Material pallets can be set up for 4, 8, 12 or 16 shelves
  • Two loading locations available at the bottom of the tower to save space

River System Automation For Lasers

The River System offers comprehensive production automation, inventory control, modular design, and optimization. Flexibility is a key feature of the River System. With its easy to automate the setup of small lots and to plan multiple product runs in a single shift. The River System can uniquely integrate multiple vendor lasers, turrets and more. A variety of configurations are available.

Highlighted Features/Notes

  • River Tower System: 6,000 lbs raw material per shelf to 1" capacity
  • River Tower System: Up to 20 shelves all within a compact 5 x 10 or 6 x 12 work envelope
  • River Navigator System: Minimum 30 shelves (three 10-shelf towers)
  • River Navigator System: 4 x 8 to 6 x 12, to 1" capacity
  • River Navigator System: Add more racks, or develop into a complete Navigator System
  • Integration with lasers and turrets possible from several vendors