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Category: Tungsten Carbide Products   

Tube Scarfing Tools

Our Tube Scarfing Tools catalog features a selection of our standard metalworking tools for inside and outside tube deburring and scarfing. Nearly every welded tube mill needs scarfing tools to remove the OD and ID weld beads created by the forge-welding process in order to leave a perfectly smooth surface in tube and pipe fabrication. Upon request, we can supply scarfing and deburring tools for special dimensional applications as well.

Highlighted Features/Notes

    Available Products:
  • Mounting units
  • Towbars with impeders
  • Notching carriers to notch the weld
  • Inside scarfing tools with cutting ring holder
  • Scarfing rings/cutting rings
  • Holders, cassettes, blades and inserts to scarf the outside weld
  • Chip deflectors
  • Bead chopper units

Peeling Tools

Complete tool systems and wear resisting tools for peeling machines of different types and dimensions. Upon request, we can supply scarfing and deburring tools for special dimensional applications as well.

Highlighted Features/Notes

  • Coated inserts made of carbide grades or brazed inserts as single tools or in a tandem system
  • Tool holders and cassettes
  • Clamping and guiding tools
  • Peeling heads for wire peeling machines
  • Pinch rolls, guide rolls
  • Holders for rolls, bolts
  • Guide strips
  • Straightening rolls, measuring rolls
  • Clamping jaws
  • Machining of bar ends
  • Grinding and polishing

Rolls and Rings

Roll rings and composite rolls for wire rod mills, bar mills and tube mills. Roll rings made of TC and of PM steels.

Highlighted Features/Notes

  • Dimension: diameter up to 530mm
  • Condition: blanks with grooves and notches
  • Steel-TC compound rolls
  • Composite rolls with TC or PM high speed steel rings for intermediate stands
  • TC punch rolls and guide rolls

Tungsten Carbide Blanks

We produce tungsten carbide blanks grade for cutting and shaping applications according to drawings.

Highlighted Features/Notes

  • Protective tools (wear plates and wear strips in different sections)
  • Shaping tools (drawing dies, drawing mandrels, punches, cores, dies)
  • Shearing blades, circular knives, parting tools
  • Cutting tools

Blanks of PM Alloys

Our standard tools of PM-steels, Stellites, superalloys and composite materials. We can also make special tools which must be able to stand a specific thermal or mechanical load or resist an abrasive or corrosive environment.

Highlighted Features/Notes

  • Protective tools (rings, plates, special shapes) of PM-steels and stellites
  • Shaping tools (forging dies, moulds, punches, dies)
  • Shear blades, chopping blades, cropping blades for end shears
  • A single tools or composite tools
  • Hot forming dies for the glass and forging industry
  • Hot pressing dies for non-ferrous metals (metal extruding)
  • Engineering parts for power plants (rings, disks, gaskets)
  • Special shapes up to a diameter of 540mm and a length of 650mm

Metal Cutting Tools

Standard metal cutting tools and cutting tools according to customer prints made of high speed steels and of carbide grades as well as brazed tools with the adapted clamping systems.

Highlighted Features/Notes

  • Standard tool bits (DIN) and special tools bits
  • Standard cutting inserts (DIN) and special cutting inserts
  • Clamping tools according to drawing
  • Turning and milling tools for heavy duty machining
  • Profiling tools
  • Cutting blades for the plastic industry
  • Cutting tools for the food industry
  • Boring tools for the mining industry
  • Portable milling tools for the road work industry

Wear Resistant Tools

Variety of wear resistant tools and products available. Composite tools according to customer prints made of steel, carbide grades and powder metallurgical super alloys.

Highlighted Features/Notes

  • Cold heading tools (cores, dies)
  • Drawing tools (jacks, cutting rings, deep drawing and extrusion tools)
  • Bordering and shaping tools
  • Cylinders and extrusion screws made of tungsten carbide for the plastic industry
  • Hot cutting tools for roll mills
  • Pressing rings and pressing moulds for the manufacture of diamond grinding wheels
  • Cutting disks and shaping tools for the glass industry