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LGA Series I, II, III Plate Beveling Machines

LGA Series machines are ideal for high volume plate processing. Both are equipped with a CNC control that recalls the desired chamfer angles and chamfer depths. The databank can store around 200 programs with all of their associated parameters. LGA Series I is the entry level series to high performance abrasive belt beveling. The series I is available as 1600 (5 ft) and 3000 (10 ft) wide models. The LGA Series II is the workhorse of the LGA line. It is the ideal balance between cost and performance. Its available in three models up to 20 feet wide. The LGA Series III is the top of the line in LGA machines. It can perform top and bottom bevels to plates. The handling cost savings can be substantial, especially when heavier work pieces are invloved and cranes are required to manipulate the plates or when this option does not even exist.

Highlighted Features/Notes

LGA Series I
  • Chamfer angles 0 - 80 degrees
  • Plate length up to 10 feet
  • Plate thickness up to 4 inch
  • Chamfer width 0.040 - 2.4 inch
LGA Series II
  • Chamfer angles 0 - 90 degrees
  • Plate length up to 20 feet
  • Plate thickness up to 4 inch
  • Chamfer width 0.040 - 4 inch
LGA Series III
  • Top chamfer angle 0 - 90 degrees
  • Bottom chamfer angle 0 - 45 degrees
  • Plate length up to 20 feet
  • Plate thickness up to 4 inch
  • Chamfer width 0.040 - 4 inch

CNC Controlled Drill Lines

The Excalibur 12 is the first monospindle gantry drilling line to process beams for the steel construction industry working with the Cantilever system. The machine is hanging on and moves along its loading table. This simple and brilliant solution proposing a machine hanging on its loading table offers to small and mid-size steel constructions a drilling unit at: Low cost investment, reduced overall dimensions, great flexability and high productivity due to its incredible versatility. Thanks to a set of wheels mounted on bearings, the drilling unit main body slides on a sturdy support crossing the loading table.

Highlighted Features/Notes

  • The Excalibur requires 50% of the space of a conventional beam drilling line
  • 30% more productive than competition: Wireless control feature eliminates the need for hands on access to select the next program
  • The productivity of the Excalibur typically generates the production of 8 to 10 people with manual methods
  • Multiple models available

Vacuum and Ergonomic

Suction cups, vacuum cups, vacuum pumps, vacuum lifters, vacuum lifts, vacuum system components and equipment.

Highlighted Features/Notes

  • Please consult a sales specialist for more details

Water-Kut X2 Waterjet

Water-Kut X2 with smaller footprint and upfront value. 5 x 10 feet or 6 x 12 feet work envelope designed for shops requiring a heavy-duty, unitized waterjet. Standard water table with optional submerged cutting feature and 6 inch thick plate capacity.

Highlighted Features/Notes

  • Sizes available: 5x10 feet, 6x12 feet
  • X-axis duel synchronized helical rack & pinion drives
  • Y-axis 9.8 inch programmable ball screw
  • 1200 ipm travel speed
  • Removable/replaceable slat table system
  • 6 inch thick full plate capacity and removable/replaceable slat table system
  • 19 inch color touch screen operator control console

Hinge Type Horizontal Bandsaws

W.F. Wells horizontal bandsaws come in a portable or stationary feature. Model L-10 provides hydraulic saw frame control and spring-controlled sawing pressure to assure precise cutting for a variety of materials.

Highlighted Features/Notes

  • Carbide blade guides
  • 45 degree swivel vise
  • Low voltage and overload protection
  • Auto shut off
  • Quick and easy setup for blade speed change
  • Two models to choose from

Fiber Laser Tube - LTFIBER

LT FIBER is the new system of the Lasertube family specifically designed and developed for cutting tubes of any section, with the fiber laser source. The new technology of the fiber laser offers significant advantages in terms of a wider range of materials that can be processed - among them also high-reflective materials such as copper and brass; aluminium (6060, 1050, ...) and galvanized iron become also easy to cut. A considerable productivity increase is obtained on small thicknesses of stainless steel.

Highlighted Features/Notes

  • Reduced electric energy consumption and installed power
  • Higher beam quality guarantees a much faster cutting speed to laser power ratio
  • Processing of highly-reflective materials
  • Great reliability and reduced maintenance costs

Pipe Coaster - HID Series

An ideal pipe cutting system to fulfill a architectural dream. Through decades of R&D, accumulated experiences and thanks to rapid development of CAD/CAM/CAE. We have integrated all these advantages into our new series of Pipe Cutting System which could cope with nearly all the very complicated designs and were keeping consistent research and development to update the system. 7-Axis Pipe Coaster achieves increased productivity and precision. Maruhide includes models that can handle up to 54 inch pipe diameter and pipe thickness of 2 inch. This system can be easily operated by simple inputting operational parameters, such as diameter of branch pipe, wall thickness of branch pipe, diameter of main pipe, intersection angle of two pipes, bevel angle through the touch panel. The system calculates automatically complicated contour curves. The cutting speed can be kept automatically constant even complicated contour curves according to input data of pipe diameter, wall thickness, intersection angle and bevel angle. Automatic continuous cutting is possible by inputting various cutting shapes into the memory function. Pre-heat timer also can be inputted in the parameter of this function.

Highlighted Features/Notes

  • Standard feature: 15 inch colored touch screen
  • Standard feature: remote control switching panel
  • Optional feature: plasma cutting machine
  • Optional feature: nesting software
  • The accurate constant bevel angle preparation can be obtained by inputting the torch angle on the branch pipe cutting
  • The processing chart of cutting shape could be displayed in accordance with the input data. This function allows the user to verify the actual bevel angle and shape being cut at a glance

Flex Drill CNC

Mill, drill, tap, bevel, countersink, and form drill large parts with only one setup on our Flex Drill CNC. With simple conversational programming, our gantry and column machines are built for machining parts that other milling and drilling machines dont have the capacity to handle. Our average machine features a 20 feet long bed. Custom open beds can be sized anywhere from 10 feet to 80 feet long, perfect for machining tube or pipe. The fourth axis rotates pieces so every side can be machined in a single setup.

Highlighted Features/Notes

    TRD Series:
  • 10 feet to 80 feet in size
  • Z axis travel is 16 feet
  • Spindle nose to table distance is 8.75 inch to 24.75 inch
  • Available in CT or BT 40 with a max torque of 184 ft/lbs, comes with 12 inch touch screen
  • GRD Series:
  • Ranges in size up to 80 feet long
  • Z axis travel is at 19.5 inch
  • Spindle nose to table distance at CT40: 5.5 inch to 25 inch / CT50: 3.1 inch to 22.8 inch
  • Machine bed has 20mm slotted bars, making setup and fixturing of parts easy. And features light curtain barrier, allowing for 100% spindle up time

Roll And Plate Bending Machines

Metal forming machines which are built with serious craftsmanship and integrity. Please call us for full list of models available with capabilities.

Highlighted Features/Notes

  • 4-roll bending machines: 19/32 inch x 10 feet, 5/16 inch x 5 feet, 3/8 inch x 6 feet, 11/16 inch x 10 feet, 57/64 inch x 10 feet, .140 inch x 8 feet, 5/16 inch x 5 feet
  • Plate bending machines: 7/32 inch x 6 feet, 1/2 inch x 10 feet,
  • Standard options available upon request
  • Contact us for a full list of features

Nitrogen Generators

We have partnered with nitrogen generator company to reap gas savings for you. Please contact us to see what you can save.

Highlighted Features/Notes

  • Please consult a sales specialist for more details

Accu-Kut CNC Plasma Machine

The AKS Accu-Kut combines the best in plasma cutting machine technology with over 90 years of superior machine building experience. The only plasma cutter in the industry built to machine tool standard. With its heavy-duty table design which can handle plate loads 2 inch or more and flexible design allowing added table extension modules as a factory option, the AKS Accu-Kut is setting the standard for precision plasma shape cutting. See the difference for yourself by requesting a plasma cut sample part.

Highlighted Features/Notes

  • Available in 6, 8 or 10ft widths x 48ft in length
  • Latest technology digitally controlled AC brushless servo drive system using helical rack and pinion in both X and Y axis
  • ArcVoltage torch height control, offering reduced cycle times, reduced kerf angle and improved consumable life
  • QuickSTOP torch collision safety mount
  • Optional plasma beveling head - adds smooth, accurate bevel cutting capabilities
  • Complete packages include installation and training

CNC Plate Processing Centers

The Gemini Series of automatic gantry style plate processing handles materials from sheet metal to heavy plate. Punch, Drill, Mill, Tap, Countersink, Scribe, Mark, Plasma and Oxy-fuel cut. The Ficep CNC plate processing centers offer capabilities that were just not available previously in the market. The ability to generate holes by punching and drilling in the same CNC plate processing center affords the user unprecedented versatility.

Highlighted Features/Notes

  • Up to 5" in thickness
  • Max plate thickness for drilling: 5"
  • Maximum number of punch tools: 14
  • Multiple models available

Water-Kut X3 Waterjet

Water-Kut X3 has up to 90000 PSI of abrasive waterjet cutting with exclusive taper control system. Manufactured to machine tool standards for precision and performance. The AKS Water-Kut X3 combines precision waterjet cutting technology with over 100 years of superior machine building experience.

Highlighted Features/Notes

  • Sizes available: 4x5 feet, 6x12 feet, 6x24 feet, 6x36 feet
  • Load capacity: 6 inch thickness, full plate
  • X-axis precision ground helical rack and pinion drive system
  • Y-axis 32mm ball screw drive system
  • 800 ipm travel speed
  • Removable/replaceable slat table system
  • Automatic touch probe ensure consistent nozzle stand-off height above material
  • Patent joystick for x-y-z manual motion control

LGP Series Large Pipe Beveling Machines

The LGP Series is ideal solution for high volume production facilities including: pipe or tube mills, tank or vessel manufacturers and oil and gas pipeline production facilities. CNC controlled abrasive belt beveller. CNC adjustable pipe rail system for multiple diameters.

Highlighted Features/Notes

  • Beveling and facing of pipe, tank and vessel segments
  • Grinds angles 0-60 degrees
  • Grinds pipe diameters from 1 to 6.5 feet
  • Grinds wall thickness up to 4 inch
  • Optional rail system available

Tube Bending - SMART

SMART is the new all-electric (8 axes) tube bending machine with 3D visual programming software. 8-axes combined automatic right and left hand CNC tube bending machine. Ideal for complex components, different radii, tubes pre-assembled with fittings, end forms, etc.

Highlighted Features/Notes

  • Fixed or variable radius bending
  • Easy to use
  • Multi-stack
  • Suitable for the bending of tubes up to diameter 28mm
  • Constant repeatability and accuracy
  • Simply inputting the components bend coordinates, the complete bending program is graphically simulated

Hydraulic Ram Benders

The BT-1000 Hydraulic Benders for: pipe, round and square tubing, flat and round solid bar, rigid conduit, handrail, bus bar and channel. Hundreds of uses for both production and prototype work. Used for fabricating, manufacturing and maintenance. Build your own tooling with the Bentec BT-1000.

Highlighted Features/Notes

  • Ideal for straightening shafts, bars, etc.
  • Multiple hole locations for alloy steel pins provide numerous attachments points for leverage on hundreds of different bending applications
  • Six tapped holes on both sides of the work table allow for extension tables, stops, etc.
  • Limit switches insure accuracy and repeatability
  • Three models to select from
  • Can be adapted to other tooling systems

Semi-Auto Twin-Post Bandsaws

The W-9-1 is the flagship model of the W. F. Wells product line and is the premier double column machine on the market. The double column design is universally recognized as the optimum method of sawing. The W-9-1 is equally adept in the tool room or in a production environment.

Highlighted Features/Notes

  • Carbide guides with backup rollers
  • Built-in coolant system
  • Low voltage and overload protection
  • Auto shut off
  • Semi-automatic operation
  • Multiple models available

CNC Plate Punch Duplicator

Hydraulic punching machine of the C-frame type, with a 500-800 mm throat depth, fitted with a tool having three (P 51) or four (P 81) selectable punches. Each punch has a punching force of kN 800 (P 51) or kN 1100 (P81) throughout its entire stroke. One-piece steel frame containing the electric system, the hydraulic system and the CNC. The punching unit is supplied ready to work and does not require installation.

Highlighted Features/Notes

  • Drill power: 5.5KW
  • Number of tools: 3-4
  • Maximum drill thickness: 40mm
  • Maximum hole size: 46mm
  • Maximum punch thickness: 25mm

FRC CNC Thermal Coping Machine

Straight, mitred and shaped cuts on profile edges or on web and flanges are needed to form the main part geometry. The layout marks will be technically done with secondary part information aside to speed up the assembly phase and avoide human errors in fitting. All of these processes can be covered with the new Ficep FRC coping robot. The coping robot allows the torch to move and orientate around the piece with automatic tool changer for the plasma and oxy torches that are always onboard for a very fast change when needed. The robot is controlled by dedicated software which optimizes the movement and gives simple and essential sequences. For more info please contact us.

Highlighted Features/Notes

  • Option: Plasma cutting system with Hypertherm power source and automatic torch changer
  • Option: Smoke intake system which is essential with the plasma torch cutting
  • Option: Infeed and outfeed rollerways for 16 mt or 20 mt long profiles
  • Option: Infeed and outfeed transfer tables with catches or carts
  • Option: Equipment for the processing of round pipes

MMB Series Beveling Machines

The MMB Series is versatile high speed edge prep milling table for chamfer applications on straight plate or plate segments. It is best applied when milling coupon size or long and narrow work pieces of any length. Suitable for various material types including, aluminum, carbon steel, fine-grained steel and stainless steel. Comes in three models, MMB 400, MMB 500 and MMB 600. The MMB 400 can apply straight bevels on smaller work pieces. Suitable to bevel high quantities of similar work pieces. Also capable of processing coupon size or long and narrow work pieces of any length. The MMB 500 suitable for processing small, medium and large aluminum, steel and stainless steel plate and bar stock work pieces. Also features variable speed motors for feed-rate adjustment and and a milling head with eight, 4 sided indexable inserts. The MMB 600 features a control panel with digital display, can process high quanitites of work pieces and max work piece thickness of 40mm.

Highlighted Features/Notes

Model MMB 400
  • For use on straight plate segments
  • Bevel angles from 30 to 60 degrees
  • Bevel widths up to 3/4 inch
  • Smooth and burr-free
Model MMB 500
  • Bevels metal plate and bar stock. Aluminum, steel and stainless steel
  • Variable angles between 25 to 55 degrees or 30 to 60 degrees
  • Bevel widths up to 1-1/8 inch
  • Hands-free operation due to rubberized drive wheel
Model MMB 600
  • Bevel angles adjustable (20 - 60 degrees)
  • Bevel width 1 to 30mm
  • Control panel with display
  • 4 rubber coated feed rolls

Tube Bending - E-TURN

E-Turn is a fully electric bending machine, with right and left bending in process and 3D graphic visual programming. Thanks to the wide range of feeders and loaders, customers can choose the best suitable solution for their needs.

Highlighted Features/Notes

  • Available in 30, 35, 40 and 53mm diameter capacity
  • Stack tooling and variable radius bending
  • VGP programming software dramatically reduces programming and set-up time
  • No mechanical adjustment is needed
  • Cycle time reduced from 50% to 200% compared to machines without interpolation
  • Automatic loading available

Tru-Kut CNC Plasma Machine

The AKS Tru-Kut plasma cutter sets the standard for superior value in precision CNC plasma cutting. The Tru-Kut is easy to setup and is user friendly. Extremely heavy duty design with fully welded and machined frame not bolted together. High quality construction and versatile features. No special floor preparation required.

Highlighted Features/Notes

  • Edge Ti CNC technology from Hypertherm Automation
  • Edge Ti Lifter advanced torch height control, offering reduced cycle times, reduced kerf angle improved consumable life
  • 5ft x 10ft cutting area
  • Helical rack and pinion drives and top quality linear guides
  • Ridged beam and torch carrier made of high strength extruded aluminum
  • Air and water table design available

Water-Kut x4 Waterjet

Water-Kut X4 has a massive capacity with up to 90000 PSI. Gantry machine with high-performance, high-accuracy ball-screw design for the most demanding applications. The AKS Water-Kut X4 is a CNC X-Y programmable waterjet cutting system with optional Garnet Removal and Closed Loop Systems.

Highlighted Features/Notes

  • Sizes available: 4x5 feet, 12x13 feet, 12x20 feet, 12x30 feet, 12x40 feet
  • Load capacity: 6 inch thickness, full plate
  • X-axis dual ball screw drives on both sides
  • Y-axis bridge ball screw drive
  • Z-axis 8 inch programmable travel
  • 800 ipm travel speed
  • Removable/replaceable slat table system
  • Multiple cutting heads available
  • Auto touch probe and collision protection bracket (standard on TCS unit)
  • Patent joystick for x-y-z manual motion control

Large Capacity Semi-Auto Twin-Post Bandsaws

The Large Capacity Semi Automatic Twin Post saw combined with the optional swivel base, makes the perfect miter saw for cutting wide flange beams.

Highlighted Features/Notes

  • Spring loaded carbide guides
  • Semi-auto operation
  • Fused disconnect with lock-out
  • Hydraulic vise operation
  • Hydraulic blade tension
  • Multiple models available

Dura-Kut Gantry Plasma Machine

The AKS Dura-Kut gantry plasma cutter is a precision CNC machine with rail widths and lengths to fit your large-scale cutting needs. Built for maximum precision, repeatability, flexibility, durability and longevity. Dura-Kuts unique gantry design incorporates a robust, welded and stiffened double beam with low center of mass and high rigidity. Standard features include an air circulating cooling system and head shields to protect against heat build-up.

Highlighted Features/Notes

  • Conventional and precision plasma, oxy-fuel and marking systmes in various configurations, up to 6 stations
  • Transverse axis DualVee motion linear guide system provides unmatched precision and reliability and is more impervious to harsh environments
  • Easiest to learn and use intuitive torch screen graphic user interface
  • Cut loss recovery with restart, move to piece and cut path backup
  • Online help function
  • Complete packages include installation and training

MMC Series Beveling Machines

The MMC Series is an industrial high-speed edge prep milling machine for chamfer or radius edges applications on straight plate or plate segments and weld coupons. It is specially designed for high-volume production work.

Highlighted Features/Notes

  • CNC controls
  • Bevel widths tp to 30mm
  • Bevel angles from 10 to 60 degrees
  • Radius edges from 2, 3, 4 and 6mm
  • Produces smooth high quality bevels

Laser Pipe Cutting - LT8

The LT8 is a 3D laser pipe cutting machine that excels for the highest flexibility and user-friendliness, as well as for top quality and extremely precise laser cutting, on a tube diameter range from 12 to 220 mm and a bar weight up to 35 Kg/m. Due to an efficient automatic loading system combined to a unique and ingenious unload, the productivity of the LT8 has no comparisons. The machine is able to propose and select the best suited choice for every production step. Expert operators can anyway check every parameter.

Highlighted Features/Notes

  • Cuts up to 8 foot x 8 foot tubing
  • Processes angle iron, flat bar and channel
  • Equipped with tilting head
  • The exclusive Artube CAD-CAM is available also on the LT8
  • Second option doubles the already considerable quantity of material ready to be cut
  • Available with an automatic bundle (Capacity 5.000kg) or step loader and an automatic single bar loader or with two automatic loaders

Swivel Semi-Auto Twin-Post Bandsaws

The M-16-2 series features hydraulic swivel base, automatic preset hydraulic blade tension, a hydraulic miter vise with variable clamping pressure and increased sawing pressure for severe applications. These features provide easier and more productive operator control. Twin post design allows for more accurate cutting, notching, and easier cut entry on all tubing due to the compound angles introduced by scissor type saw design.

Highlighted Features/Notes

  • Hydraulic swivel base, single direction
  • Hydraulic miter vise with variable pressure
  • Hydraulically controlled blade tension
  • Semi-automatic operation
  • Auto shut off
  • Multiple models available

CNC Plasma Pipe Cutting

The Pro Cutter (PC 600) is a pipe profiling machine to cut pipe-to-pipe connections and pipe-to-plate connections with constant welding openings (bevels) over the entire pipe length. The PC 600 is suitable for a pipe range starting from 50 up to 610 mm. This product was introduced beginning of 2008 and is a highly standardized machine against an affordable price. Making it possible for every steel shop to have a professional and efficient machine for pipe profiling.

Highlighted Features/Notes

  • The PC 600 machine plasma pipe cutter is composed of heavy duty components engineered for lasting performance. Latest technology is applied in components such as Hi Definition plasma cutting and material deformation detection but also in process optimization such as handling systems and in line marking systems.

CNC Fully-Auto Bandsaws W/Shuttle Type Barfeed

The CNC system allows an operator with a minimum amount of experience to efficiently use the machine tool. A step-by-step dialog prompts you through the information needed to program an unlimited number of jobs. For those one-time jobs, just enter the length and number of cuts.

Highlighted Features/Notes

  • Fully automatic CNC barfeed
  • With color touch screen controls
  • 500 plus job selection
  • Auto shut off
  • Digital blade speed indicator
  • Multiple models available

MMB100 Beveling Machine

The MMB 100 are rugged yet compact stationary beveling machines designed and built for even the toughest industrial applications. Dont be fooled by its small size these machines are durable and can handle bevel widths up to 3/8 inch on aluminum, steel and stainless. This easy-to-use beveling machine allows manual feed for total control of your work piece, with a fixed 45 degree angle bevel. Milling head with six, 4-sided indexable inserts supplies ample cutting power.

Highlighted Features/Notes

  • Bevel widths up to 3/8 inch on aluminum, steel, stainless
  • Fixed 45 degree angle bevel
  • Milling head with 6, 4-sided indexable inserts
  • Easy manual feed, extra rugged and compact design

Laser Tube Cutting - LT722D

The LT722D laser tube cutting system provides 20% higher production rate than normally experienced in the field combined with a unique level of flexibility and automatic adjustments. This feature makes it suitable for both small batches or large runs.

Highlighted Features/Notes

  • Fully CNC programmable adjustments
  • Changeovers in less than 3 minutes
  • Fully automatic bar handling from bundle including measuring, feeding, cutting and unloading
  • Minimum bar waste

Large Capacity CNC Fully-Auto Bandsaws W/Shuttle Type Barfeed

Large Capacity Fully Automatic and with shuttle type bar feed. The large capacity machines utilize a color touch screen to access all of the standard machine controls. The CNC system allows an operator with a minimum amount of experience to efficiently use the machine tool.

Highlighted Features/Notes

  • Fully automatic CNC barfeed
  • With color tocuh screen controls
  • 500 plus job selection
  • On-screen help menu
  • Digital blade speed indicator
  • Multiple models available

Trim and Vertical Bandsaws

Positive frame feed allows the head to descend at a fixed IPM rate for optimum cutting in those high production applications where similar types of material are cut repetitively. Hydraulic down pressure moves the blade through the hardest material at a constant rate. Please contact us for more information.

Highlighted Features/Notes

  • 2" Bi-metal blade
  • Carbide guides with backup rollers
  • Semi-automatic operation
  • Rotary blade powered blade brush
  • LED positive feed readout
  • Low voltage protection/overload protection

Special Application Bandsaws

W.F. Wells has a complete bandsaw line, but they also build custom machines for special applications. 75% of special machines cut exotic materials other than metal. If there is a need for a special option, we can quote you. Some special application areas include: plastics, graphite, crystal, quartz, silicon, ceramics, wood products and military ballistics.

Highlighted Features/Notes

  •  Contact us to start your project!

Heavy Dry Deburring Machine

The STN 300 is the advancement of the previous model ST 300. Its designed for grinding or deburring sheet metal, hollow section and flat bar. Multiple models to choose from and optional features can be included, see PDF. Available with one or two grinding belt stations or with one grinding belt and one finishing station.

Highlighted Features/Notes

  • Belt conveyor can be changed very quickly with 90 degree stoppers
  • Available with one or two grinding belt sations or one grinding belt and one finishing station
  • Optional: Vacuum device to protect conveyor belt when processing thin parts
  • Optional: Abrasive belts, abrasive nylon belts and brushes in various shores
  • More options available

Hydraulic Rotary Draw Benders

The BT-220 is CNC programmable at an affordable price. For both mandrel and non-mandrel bending of round and square tubing, pipe, solid bar, handrail, bus bar, channel and extrusions. Hundreds of uses for fabricating, manufacturing and maintenance.

Highlighted Features/Notes

  • Store up to 400 part programs with up to 8 bends per part
  • Includes a parts counter
  • Clamps the part securely to the rotating die and prevents tube slippage during the bending process
  • A quick acting toggle lever advances the pressure die holder
  • Heavy duty arm construction
  • Optional hydraulic pressure die advance is also available


Highly versatile grinding, bur removing or finishing of flat bar, sheet metal or hollow sections. The wet grinding facility makes it ideal for a mixed production of steel, stainless steel or aluminum. Multiple models to choose from, see PDF document.

Highlighted Features/Notes

  • Separate height adjustment of each unit
  • The SmartGrinder with 150mm working width is available with 1, 2, 3. or 4 stations
  • The SmartGrinder with 300mm working width is available in 1, 2 or 3 stations in a row
  • Additional options are available, see PDF


The Loewer FST is designed to meet the highest industrial requirements. The FST modular design offers one to four grinding heads. Heads are available as abrasive belt unit, brushing unit or planetary brushing unit. The FST comes with a wide range of extras for adapting to specific grinding tasks.

Highlighted Features/Notes

  • High quality, maintenance free, teflon-coated linear guides
  • Spring loaded belt tensioning
  • Control panel includes ammeter for each unit
  • Extra options available, see PDF

Motorum Series CNC Turret Punch Press

Improve reliability and processing time with the Motorum 2558. By integrating bending, forming, tapping and other processes, this machine enables you to maximize productivity while minimizing setup and programming time. Environmentally friendly eco-machine uses energy only at time of punching and faster punch rate to 400hpm.

Highlighted Features/Notes

  • Capacity from 22 tons to 33 tons
  • Max sheet thickness: 0.25"
  • Available table sizes: 4x8 feet, 5x8 feet worksheets
  • Multiple models available

Endeavour Drill Lines

The Endeavour is a new three spindle drilling line for the processing of beams and shaped rolled sections with small and large dimensions. With the new innovations and the modular structure it is a significant step forward in beam processing. There are six different sizes available covering material sizes from 610mm x 305mm up to 2515mm x 1015mm.

Highlighted Features/Notes

  • Compact and very high tech with its new direct drive motors
  • Chip conveyor doesnt require any foundation pit and the electrical cabinet is on board
  • Can be easily coupled with saws, marking  units and coping robots
  • Fast drilling, scribing, tapping, milling for all three drills independently

FST Planetenkopf

To achieve a high-quality, uniform deburring of flat parts which also have complicated contours, then planetary head technology is the solution. The workpiece is processed from all directions. The brushing tools wear uniformly. Depending on the tools used and the number of heads, you can choose between light deburring or rounding edges.

Highlighted Features/Notes

  • Wet operations
  • Two models to choose from
  • FST 200KP: 2 stations, belt plus planetary brush head, 200mm width
  • FST 200PPP: 3 stations, 200mm width, turning of parts

CNC Drill, Shear, Angle Lines

The Ficep CNC angle line solution gives you the opportunity to not only process angle but also channels and flats! The Ficep angle line systems (19 models available) typically eliminates the manual layout and automates the production of holes, notches, part marking and cutting of the finished part to length!

Highlighted Features/Notes

  • Max angle size range: 4" - 14"
  • Number of diameter per leg: Up to 4
  • Notching capability: Fixed and programmable
  • Drill capability
  • Marking: Programmable and fixed
  • Eleven models available

2-Sided Deburring - EdgeRacer

High-performance and versatile: Single or double-sided deburring, edge rounding, oxide removal, cleaning and finishing are quick and easy with the innovative EdgeRacer series of deburring machines.

Highlighted Features/Notes

  • Double sided deburring in a single run
  • Multiple models to choose from
  • Flexable rollers for safe clamping of formed sheet
  • Easy operational with self-explanatory touch screen in various languages


The SwingGrinder offers a new solution to the manual method or using expensive through-feed machines. Deburring and edge rounding with the SwingGrinder is quicker than working manually with power tools. See video for demonstration.

Highlighted Features/Notes

  • The grinding pressure is applied manually from above
  • The grinding head is tiltable 180° allowing a speedy change from the deburring disc to the rounding disc and back
  • Easy to use through weight compensation and dust extraction through the table
  • Quick deburring, low costs and short amortization time

Magnum Series CNC Turret Punch Press

The Magnum 5000 is a heavy-duty mechanical CNC turret punch press with 45 tons of punching force. High rigidity and precision of the machine are fully complemented by the proven Wiedemann-style tooling, three-box construction frame, separated table and frame design for heavy-duty punching.

Highlighted Features/Notes

  • Process up to 3/8" thick, 5x8 feet worksheets
  • Positive strip RAM design
  • Low noise clutch brake
  • Model 5000 Plasma also available

DiscMaster TD

The DiscMaster 4TD is equipped with two large deburring discs and two edge rounding discs. The discs oscillate continuously over the workpiece during the through feed. Also when processing mixed materials (i.e. steel/stainless- steel) the tools must be changed. The four discs on the DiscMaster 4TD can be changed within minutes. Low investment, low tooling costs and low operating costs ensure a speedy return on investment.

Highlighted Features/Notes

  • Available in working widths of 1000mm and 1500mm for smaller parts from 20 x 20mm and for larger parts with widths up to 1500mm
  • All inside and outside edges are processed from all angles and directions
  • User friendly: The four discs on the DiscMaster 4TD can be changed within minutes
  • Also available as DiscMaster 2TD in 1000 and 1500mm working width

Surface Grinding

Autopulit surface grinding comes in multple models to choose from. Surface grinding machine model E4 optimized for grinding, satin finishing, deburring and polishing of a great variety of parts; using a through feed finishing process with multiple grinding/polishing operations. Applications: Metal plates, profiles, square or rectangular section tubes, tools, iron bases, door plates, locks, knives, laminated, calibrated, etc.

Highlighted Features/Notes

  • Motorized height adjustable working
  • Up to 250mm working width and 12kW motor
  • Model E4 machine is available with 1 to 8 working heads
  • Multiple models to choose from

Katana Bandsaws

Katana saws are equipped with all the devices which after years of experience are considered essential to grant the best cutting result in steel construction. The body rotates as standard on a toothed wheel controlled by an encoder in order to carry out mitred cuts. In the bigger models the toothed wheel is complete with a sliding bearing. The Katana has powered brush synchronized with the blade to take off the swarf from the band teeth. Blade lubricating/cooling system included in the working cycle. Double blade guides and hydraulic vertical hold downs. And easy electronic systems that can be extended to manage completely automatic sawing lines.

Highlighted Features/Notes

  •  Hydraulic blade tightening to tighten the band
  • Devices for saw rotation through a powered mechanical toothed wheel with survey of the rotation mitre thanks to an encoder
  • Katana is designed to become as a stane alone saw or automatic sawing centre
  • Katana bandsawing systems: Integrate rollerways, transfer tables, CNC controlled measuring gauges and last generation CNC control unit

DiscMaster SF

For laser cut and punched parts, flat and three dimensional formed parts, foil-covered sheet metal and zinc-coated sheet. 360 degree deburring and edge rounding from top to bottom. The DiscMaster SF is equipped with oscillating disc stations on the top and on the bottom. These discs with flexible abrasive sanding strips rotate and oscillate over the workpiece. The inside and outside edges are processed from all angles and directions resulting in uniform edge rounding independent of the orientation of the cutting contours.

Highlighted Features/Notes

  • Touchpanel control
  • Max work width 1000mm (1500mm)
  • Adjustable grade and edge rounding
  • Disc station with 6 discs (9 discs)
  • Motorized height adjustment of workpiece thickness
  • Two models to choose from
  • Optional features available, please ask

BeltMaster 4 TD

For punch, laser-cut and plasma-cut parts. The BeltMaster 4TD is equipped with one abrasive belt unit followed by one oscillating disc units, each with two large rotating discs, making it ideal for grinding, deburring, edge rounding and oxide removal. The abrasive belt unit with 15kW drive motor is capable of removing high burrs. One pass operations, depending on the setting. Tools: Combi-Disc which removes burrs and spatter on both small and large workpieces, Medium-Disc can round edges with abrasive cloth and nylon abrasive backing and the Smart-Flex tool is for oxide removal with stainless steel brushes. These tools can also deburr large parts with a maximum burr of 3mm.

Highlighted Features/Notes

  • Max working width 1350mm
  • Two discs in the center, two discs at the outfeed, disc diameter 250mm
  • 400V, 50Hz, 3P, 8 bar air supply
  • Automatic tracking of conveyor belt, pneumatically controlled
  • Oscillation with two strokes (full width or small parts)
  • Three tools to choose from, Combi-Disc, Medium-Disc and Smart-Flex Disc
  • Optional features available, please ask


CrossMaster DD, deburring and rounding of small laser cut or punched parts in one pass. Depending on the application it can be used with deburring and/or edge rounding discs. The disc tools push the workpiece against the feed belt during operation so it is possible to process even very small workpieces starting from 20 x 20mm. CrossMaster Dx2, double sided deburring and edge rounding in one pass. The CrossMaster Dx2 is equipped with one disc tool on the top and and one on the bottom. The CrossMaster DDx2 works with two discs on each side. Depending on the application it can be used with deburring and/or edge rounding discs. Ask about the new CrossMaster 2Td500 model.

Highlighted Features/Notes

  • The CrossMaster DD is available in 150 or 300mm working width
  • The CrossMaster 2Td500 is available in working width of 500mm and for small parts from 20 x 20mm
  • Deburring and edge rounding in one pass
  • From soft discs to smart flex discs are available
  • Low investment, low tooling costs and low operating costs
  • See PDFs for more details

Automation For Turret Punch Presses

Muratec has been a leader in developing efficient and user-friendly automation for Turret Punch Presses for over 25 years. Our automated turret punch press experience has allowed thousands of companies to increase parts production and improve their production methodologies.

Highlighted Features/Notes

  • Double the production of a stand alone machine
  • Unattended operation
  • Consistent production for improved job estimating and costing
  • Multiple series to choose from

Tube Finisher - FGWH 150

The FGWH 150 are flat grinders for finishing square tubes or bars in one single channel. Developed for intensive deburring in high productions. The FGWH has a modular construction with different configurations available.

Highlighted Features/Notes

  • Work the 4 sides of the profile in one step only
  • Wet with automatic water filtering system
  • Developed for intensive deburring in high productions
  • Modular construction, different configurations available

Flat and Coil Polishing

Autopulit offers two alternatives for bright finishing and/or satin finishing of metal sheets, profiles or flat parts. We manufacture a machine with a moving table or with a moving head. The moving table on machine Model PHA has reciprocating movement with adjustable speed. In the Model CDA, the table is fixed and the working heads move under the rails with adjustable speed. Applications: Metal sheet, profiles, flat stainless steel parts, aluminum, brass, etc.

Highlighted Features/Notes

  • Model CDA: The piece holding tables have capacities from 300 mm x 500mm to 1550mm x 7000mm
  • Coil polishing machine; 1600 mm working width, with 6 polishing heads in line, with degreasing and drying unit
  • Optional: Automatic loading and unloading of the metal sheets and vacuum installation for holding of the part


The FlatMaster is the ideal process for flat-flame cut or laser cut parts. The leveler range for sheet metal parts from 0.2 to 2.0 inch thickness. The FlatMaster hydraulic precision leveler is equipped with a leveling gap control. That means the leveling results are consistently good, even in applications where parts have cut-outs. Levelers are always available for trials in the leveling center. We will test parts from your own facility to prove the benefits of ARKU technology. Multiple models to choose from. See PDF for more details. The Cincinnati Leveling Center provides a demonstration on the performance of the FlatMaster on your parts provided. If your interested in registering for a free trial offer, please call our office.

Highlighted Features/Notes

  • Four models available
  • Flat flame-cut parts in just a few minutes
  • Reduced rework and scrap
  • Maximum working width range: 31.5" - 78.74"
  • Maximum sheet thickness range: 0.02" - 2.0"
  • Safety - effective overload protection stops and opens the leveling unit before a dangerous level of force is reached


The precision levelers belonging to our EcoMaster series deliver consistently high-quality leveling results, especially when working with delicate sheet metal parts. The machine produces level parts free of internal stress. This allows the subsequent processes to deliver better results. The user friendliness and ease of maintenance of the EcoMaster series enables them to be used efficiently as part of your production.

Highlighted Features/Notes

  • Specially designed for leveling parts used in the aerospace industry
  • Thickness from 0.3mm to 5mm
  • User friendly operating
  • Parts protected against corrosion


The PlateMaster has been designed to level large-surface sheet metals (width up to 3,000 mm) and thick plates (thickness up to 80 mm) economically. The hydraulic leveler is designed especially for heavy plate fabricators. The hydraulic leveler has been specifically designed for robust conditions. It is unaffected by soiling and can be cleaned quickly and easily. Easy cleaning of the leveler is highly important, especially when processing large sheet metal plates, as these are often covered with rust and scale.

Highlighted Features/Notes

  • Effortless leveling of rusted and soiled parts
  • Hydraulic overload protection
  • Easy and quick cleaning
  • Especially for large sheet metals and plates

CNC Plate Drill Duplicator

CNC plate drilling line P 112 D is a drilling machine specifically designed for automatic drilling of plates to a considerable thickness of 80mm. Traditional systems such as drilling machines, portable manual magnetic drilling machines, etc. have overcome by this high speed drilling machine which not only carries out the drilling operation, but can also mark, thread and scribe the plates to mark possible welding layout positions (scribing).

Highlighted Features/Notes

  • Drill power: 19kW
  • Maximum drill thickness: 80mm
  • Number of tools with ATC: 8
  • Maximum hole size: 40mm (50)

Tube Finisher - Compact Models

The Tube Grinder was designed with the smaller shop in mind. Its simplicity makes it user friendly. Variable belt and speed feed rates make this machine capable of many different finishes. From 60 grit to Scotch Brite Belts, the Tube Grinder is designed to meet your specifications, perfect for your tube finishing needs.

Highlighted Features/Notes

  • Two motor heads
  • Variable speed 0 to 5 m/min.
  • Removable heads and tube does not have to be 100% round
  • Tube itself does not spin

Punch Plasma Combo - Magnum 5000P

The Magnum 5000P Plasma is a heavy duty mechanical CNC turret punch press with 45 tons of punching force. This machine gives the added feature of being able to contour material with Hypertherms HPR130XD. High rigidity and precision of the machine are fully complemented by the proven Wiedemann style tooling, three box constructive frame, separated table and frame design for heavy duty punching. The Magnum 5000 can process up to 3/8 thick, 5 x 8 foot worksheets without repositioning.

Highlighted Features/Notes

  • Positive strip RAM design
  • Low noise clutch brake
  • Automatic repositioning
  • Tapping device (option)
  • More models available

Punch Laser Combo - M2558 HL

The M2558 HL combines the best of punching and forming with the flexability of laser cutting. The M2558 HL uses advanced technology incorporating a high performance CNC control control and laser ascillator. The system provides a high friendly laser cutting head with crash protection function, non-contact height sensor and laser power control function for complicated edge cutting.

Highlighted Features/Notes

  • Punch capacity: 25 tons
  • Max sheet thickness: Punch - 6.35mm, Laser - Mild Steel 6.35mm and SS 6.35mm
  • Max allowable sheet weight: 150kg
  • Y-axis stroke: 1905mm and X-axis stroke: 2550mm
  • More models available

Centerless Grinding and Polishing

Machines for grinding and/or polishing of round tubes or bars, rotating in contact with the brush or abrasive belt and with continuous forward motion, adjustable by means of a motorized carrier wheel. A welded frame constitutes the base of the machine on which the head, the unit responsible for the work movement and support slide. Applications: Round tubes and bars, pistons, shock absorbers, spindles, ball screws, pens, rollers, cylinders, etc.

Highlighted Features/Notes

  • From 3 to 8 working heads for parts from 6mm to 125mm diameter
  • Model CT(P) for heavy parts and diameter up to 250mm
  • The machine is available for dry or wet execution
  • Working heads can achieve great variety of finishes using an abrasive belt back stand, sisal or cotton brushes, flap-wheels, etc.

Single Belt Stroke Sander

KBM specializes in the manufacturing of sanding and brushing machines and brushing/polishing/foil-coating machines for processing and sealing single rolled sheets.

Highlighted Features/Notes

  • Manual and automatic operations available
  • Metal and wood processing
  • Mutiple models to choose from
  • Ask for more details

CNC Grinding and Polishing

The Autopulit CNC polishing machines are highly versatile. Their capacity, flexibility and technology make it possible to finish, brush and polish a wide variety of pieces that previously required special solutions. Applications: Water fittings, door furniture, silver, cookware, lamps, craft work, aluminum and zamak castings, motorcycle and automobile parts, etc. For complex varied parts requiring a high quality finish.

Highlighted Features/Notes

  • The piece holding table may have one, two or four work piece spindles with several heads in line for medium or big sized parts
  • A rotary table for Transfer CNC machines, with a capacity of 4 to 8 work piece spindles for small and medium sized parts

Twin Belt Stroke Sander

Twin belt grinding machines for metal processing, for manual grinding, satin finishing and polishing. Available in different designs. Machine with sanding pad and belt length 9000m.

Highlighted Features/Notes

  • Machines with additional vertical grinding unit available
  • For low budgets
  • User friendly machines
  • Multiple models available

Robotic Cell Polishing

High-tech robotic cells for deburring, abrasive belt grinding and polishing complex parts of small and medium size. Thanks to the high versatility, it can also be applied to a small series of parts, allowing several hours of unattended operation, depending on the capacity of the magazine provided. Applications: Water fittings and door handles, surgical implants, automobile and motorcycle parts, injected and gravity cast iron parts, etc.

Highlighted Features/Notes

  • The robot has 6 axes with load capacity of 14, 24, 60 and 120kg
  • Work with abrasive belts up to 5000mm long for longer run-times
  • Additional Options: Loading and unloading magazine of parts
  • Additional Options: Manipulators to feed the robot

Rotary Transfer Machines

Rotary Transfer compact and independent head machines from Autopulit. These machines are used for grinding, polishing, deburring and micro-finishing a great variety of parts. Applications: Door furniture (handles, plates, etc.), water fittings, lamps, deburring, gears, wheels, aluminum and stainless steel cookware, automobile parts, pens, containers, cosmetic, caps, etc.

Highlighted Features/Notes

  • Multiple spindle rotary machine for polishing cosmetic cases
  • Rotary machine with 24 work piece spindles and 4 working heads for polishing ball pens with wet execution
  • CNC type rotary transfer machine with 3 working heads, 5 controllable axes for polishing and bright finishing of watchcases

Special Purpose and Other Machines

Autopulit design special equipment for a great variety of specific applications, not covered with the standard machines, due to the difficulty automating the process, or the particularities in the process required.

Highlighted Features/Notes

  • See PDF for details